Game 3 Notes

Nemesis here with your highlights and lowlights from today's game...

Let's start with...The Good:

- Mike McCoy singled to centre field for his first Major League hit after eight years in the minors in the first inning and his first RBI in the ninth.
- Romero was able to work out of a tough jam in the second inning, runners on at second and third and none out.
- Speaking of Romero, he continued the streak of another solid outting for our starting core and only walked two batters.
- Encarnacion's single was his 500th career hit in the bigs.
- Encarnacion threw out Guererro trying to strech a single into a double on the relay from Snider.
- Janssen pitched damn well today and was able to put up three K's with a walk. He was looking dominent today and his pitches were having some serious movement.
- Wells and Overbay came back after striking out with runners in scoring position with a homer and a triple respectivly in the ninth. Wells fourth so far this season in only three games and yes I said Overbay had a triple.
- Speaking of Wells, he is the first Blue Jay EVER to hit homers in the first three games of a season.
- I know it's early but it was refreshing to see The Jays fight back in the ninth to win this game. Way too many times last year this team of ours would have just rolled over and died.
- Frasor thankfully came back after that opening walk and struck out the next two hitters. Then got Hamilton to ground out to end it.
- A side note, but still good. Love the fact that Michael Young comes to the plate with the Beastie Boys.

And now...The Bad:

- Overbay continued to struggle again today, the triple has been his only hit in these first three games this season.
- Molina, who I might add took Chavez's spot from the roster and cost me the roster competition. Alas, Molina showed why he earned that roster spot today with three K's in three at bats and made some horrible plays at the plate. I should mention that Molina struckout after trying to bunt.
- Snider continues to look overwhelmed out there. Another three strikeouts today giving him six so far this season in eleven at bats.
- Frasor was looking a bit tired out there, speeds were a bit down, three games in four days might be a bit much this early in the season for our newest and current closer.
- The strikeouts, again today too many Jays struck out. A whopping 13 strikeouts today. Molina and Snider led the way with three each and Lind had a couple as well.
- Bautista really misplayed a quickly falling ball and watched it bounce off his glove and turned what should have been a single into a double. That was the runner that scored on a wild pitch by Ricky.
- The catchers were bad as well, they missed quite a few balls today that really should have been caught.
- Frasor certainly isn't looking all that comfortable out there today, he had some seriously wild pitches.

And now with a piece of the daily notes I like to call...The Cito Factor:

Let's look at the fucking wonderful moves Cito made that we find questionable.

Confidence? Every quote I've read from Cito the last few days has been Cito lashing back at his critics and spouting that he hasn't made certain moves because he doesn't want to destroy his players confidence. I'm sure Frasor has some thoughts about your fucking confidence factor. I'll get to that in a bit.

- When Cito was here in his first term as manager he really used to annoy me because he used to leave pitchers in what I thought was one too many innings. So far this season I've felt he's back at it, and it's only the first series of the season. I don't know why he feels the need to leave pitchers in the game into the seventh. We've had the game well in hand through the sixth each of the three games so far this season. In the seventh is when the pitchers have gotten into trouble. It's just the first series of the season, but why not ease the pitchers into the season. We were killed with injuries last year. I'm just saying. The only one I could see bringing out for the seventh, was Marcum and his no no.
- When the blogs across the net exploded in rage for the lack of Ruiz pinch hitting the other night, he said he didn't want to crush Overbay's confidence. What does he do today? He pinch hits for Molina and his three strikeout day with John Buck. John FUCKING Buck! That would have been a great time to bring in Ruiz and then bring Buck in for the top of the next inning. Buck did draw the walk, lucky it worked out Cito. I'm sure the other Jays blogs will still question that call, as they rightfully should.
- So for the second time in as many games, the confidence spewing Cito once again started to warm up another reliever in the pen ONE batter into Frasor's ninth inning. ONE WALK into the inning and Cito shows some SERIOUS FUCKING CONFIDENCE in his current closer.
- Funny enough Buck called Cito today, "Loyal" I'm pretty sure Frasor might not think so.

Final Score: 3 - 1 and our first series WIN.

That's all I've got for this one. GO JAYS GO!!


  1. How about GO CITO GO - really whats the point - unless AA want Leyva or Butterfield next year as the Boss and CITO's just there to show them what not to do I really don't see why he should stay-its not good for the youngsters and his decisions on most nights are suspect at best-but what do I know-just a fan...

  2. JUBB,
    As a fan, you know what makes sense when your eyes look at it. And I respect that.
    Cito bashing is encouraged and appreciated here.
    I REALLY hope we go outside the organization for our next field manager. I think it is easier to make changes with a new guy and new staff.
    I feel that Cito, love it or hate it, is here to stay for the year.

    I actually had a vision last night that I got tossed from the Dome for heckling Cito. In the time it took him to walk back to the dugout from the mound after a visit, I dropped like 10 f-bombs on him and got mercifully tossed.
    Chances of it actually happening in real life: 10%