Good Luck With That Minnesota

The Twins are going to try to play baseball outside in April!  Click here for details.

I hear a lot of "baseball people" and fans alike question the experience of watching a baseball game inside The Rogers Centre SkyDome.

Personally, I view our stadium as my happy place and can't remember what it was like to worry about the elements when going to watch a game live.  

I actually played four games in one day on the old turf, in a SloPitch tournament of course.  The day after when I woke up and my entire groin area just flat out HURT, I began to fully appreciate the injury risks it presents.

After viewing this video, I am once again convinced that playing indoors with a team option of opening the lid at our convenience is the way to go for us.

And I think the fans and more importantly the players of the Twinkies, may be regretting their decision to go topless very soon.

Just wait till they make the playoffs in October.....

Our Dome is located south of most of Wisconsin and pretty much all of Minnesota.

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