25 Man Roster Challenge: Over

Apologies off the hop for the late declaration of a champion this year. Your Toronto Blue Jays waited until just a few hours prior to opening day to announce that Tulo can't play baseball until June. At that point we were well into our pregame warmup routine.


We also didn't get around to doing an update on the challenge this year and for that we are truly sorry.

This year's challenge was decided shortly after it began with @PATSandJAYS making the only selection of then free agent Jamie Garcia to round out the rotation. Based on that ballsy pick he has been crowned the only outright winner in the history of the 25 Man Roster Challenge. No need to go to the tiebreakers. 


Congrats are in order for nailing 22 out of the 25 players to break camp with the club. We will be in touch soon to make the arrangements to get the prizes to you.

Thanks again to all that joined in on the fun and we hope to see you again next year as we wait for the coveted perfect ballot to reveal itself.

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