Stevis Panderson

Gibby has experience running an OF platoon; he’s done it magnificently once and another time, well, not so much.

Let's examine the latest version handed down to the skipper by the braintrust.

Curtis Granderson carrer vs RHP: .263/.355/.499 .236 ISO .298 BABIP 110 OPS+

Steve Pearce career vs LHP: .262/.345/.492 .230 ISO .281 BABIP 116 OPS+

Looks good so far, but let's take a look under the hood.

There are a few issues with this tandem that we can see. The first is age and, with that, you've gotta discuss injury risk. Playing on the carpet while rolling the dice on some vets in the OF seems risky; next, the fact that Steve Pearce was shit against lefties last year. 

Pearce vs LHP in 49 games in 2017: 99PA 5HR 9R 8RBI 7BB .230 ISO .217 BABIP 92 OPS+

He came here with a lefty masher reputation but we didn't see that from him last year. That said, he fared pretty okay against right-handed pitching:

Pearce vs RHP in 81 Games: 249PA 8HR 29R 29RBI 20BB .168 ISO .303 BABIP 103 OPS+

Grandyman vs RHP in 135 games in 2017: 410PA 21HR 59R 50RBI 60BB .255 ISO .227 BABIP 108 OPS+

For the strong side of a platoon, this isn't terrible. 
If Gibby were to run a strict platoon and we smash all that up from 2017, it looks a little something like this for 2018:

185 Games 509PA 26HR 68R 58RBI 67BB .240-.245 ISO .222 BABIP 100 ish OPS+

That’s some production right there, as Buck would say. No idea on the rate stats but we can tell you that it ain’t gonna be pretty. Who cares about batting average, right?

Buck, that’s who.

Pulling out the crystal ball, we think that Pearce will get the majority of starts. Grandyman can come in for defensive replacement or to face a tough righty in a big spot.

If Grandyman does get the majority of starts vs RHP and gets pinch hit for by Pierce against a LOOGY, then hopefully Diaz or Solarte can play a passable LF for an inning or two.

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