Roster Challenge Update

Nice to know there's a park that is worse than ours, isn't it?

The long (too long) slow trek to opening day is almost over. As such, the roster challenge is certainly heating up. The highlights as we see them so far:

This is a biggie. All 19 ballots have the name Aaron Loup on it. That effectively means this has become the 24 Man Roster Challenge and the tradition of no perfect ballot lives to fight another day. If old man veteran Randy Choate grabs the job as the LOOGY then there's nothing to see here. A one for one swap means this injury doesn't change the outcome of the challenge. If he does not, all of those rando relievers we all picked have another shot at breaking camp with the big squad.

Team I Don't Know was the only one to hitch a ride on the Izzy train. That stings.

Four ballots looked to score big with Bo. Unfortunately he has yet to pitch in a grapefruit league game to this point. Not looking so good.

Three ballots liked the look of Mississauga's favourite son in the bench role. Well, he's destined to get regular at bats just down the QEW if anyone wants to call road trip. The Canadian dollar is being taken at par at the box office and for concessions until May 8th. Bring a jacket and a fist full of cash.

That's about it for now. Good luck to everyone still chasing the loot!

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