A brief, yet somewhat disturbing, observation

I`m sitting at work this evening and my boss comes by to talk baseball. Specifically Blue Jays baseball. This is an everyday occurrence and I can truly say that I look forward to it. After we finish, he tosses down the latest issue of SI and directs me to a very positive article about your Toronto Blue Jays. It`s called Coming Soon. You should read it.

But that`s not why I bothered to sit down in front of the computer tonight.

One of the other stories found a few pages later was called Trevor Bauer Will Not Be Babied. Found within it was an intriguing piece of information with respect to a "reg flag" in the pitching motion - keeping your throwing elbow below your shoulder.

Got me thinking.


It's not completely all doom and gloom. That picture of Ricky was taken in spring training. It does appear his arm slot has dropped a tad since then.

All images courtesy of daylife

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