A retweet from Bobby Elliott

So, right before it was time for bed a thought came over me.....Vernon has been on the DL for quite some time now. I remembered Vernon was making $23 million dollars to play baseball this year but decided to head over to Cott`s just to be sure. Yep I was right.


With some simple arithmetic I was able to determine that works out to $141,975.31 a game.


I then multiplied that figure by the number of games Vernon (at the time) was out with his leg/groin injury. That would have been 21 games. That's how I got the total of $2,981,481.48

Not bad for 4 o'clock in the morning eh?

Right back to Cott's I went and noted that that figure is higher then most of our current Blue Jays' salaries, for the whole year.


I tweeted it out and my head hit the pillow all in one motion. When I got up I had about 15 e-mails, 90% of which was new followers which pushed me up over 6 bills.

Thanks Bob.


Mr. Elliott is a total night owl and normally only ventures on Twitter between the hours of 2AM to about 5AM.


  1. Man it's nice to not be paying VW this year. Or any year after this. Nice trade AA. And shows how much I've been MIA but, all right a mobile site!

  2. Hey there stranger. Been a while. How you enjoying the season so far?

    Yeah the mobile site is a new feature on the Blogger platform and a long time coming if you ask me.