Young Studs

Just in case you missed it, the team over at Jays Journal put together the list of all lists when it comes to your Toronto Blue Jays prospects. There is no other list in existence of the internet that is as detailed and complete. Whether or not you agree with every ranking is completely irrelevant. The amount of time and effort that must have gone into compiling a masterpiece of that magnitude is what you should be focusing on.

In hono(u)r of St. Patty's and all it's glory, I thought what a great opportunity to point out the fact that a whole bunch of players in our Minor League system are fairly young. Like needing fake ID to get into the bar young.

Check out all the players from the Jays Journal Top 50 list - including the near misses - that will begin the 2011 season at the age of 20 or younger.

Henderson Alvarez 04/18/1990
A.J. Jimenez 05/01/1990
Marcus Knecht 06/21/1990
K.C. Hobson 08/02/1990 
Anthony Gose 08/10/1990
Drew Hutchison 08/22/1990
Carlos Perez 10/27/1990 
Michael Crouse 11/22/1990 
Griffin Murphy 01/16/1991 
Jake Marisnick 03/30/1991
Christopher Hawkins 08/17/1991
Kellen Sweeney 09/14/1991
Dickie Thon 11/16/1991
Justin Nicolino 11/22/1991
Gustavo Pierre 12/28/1991
Shane Optiz 01/10/1992
Mitchell Taylor 05/11/1992 

The newly affiliated Vancouver Canadians play every home game in British Columbia where the drinking age is a much more civilized 19. When their season starts at home on June 17th, every name from this point on would not be able to legally have a drink in Canada. 

Brandon Mims 06/18/1992 
Aaron Sanchez 07/01/1992
Deivy Estrada 08/22/1992 
Noah Syndergaard 08/29/1992
Adaric Kelly 12/01/1992
Santiago Nessy 12/08/1992

Unless of course they decide visit Alberta, Manitoba or Quebec where the age of majority is only 18. These guys wouldn't even be able to get served there. 

Gabriel Cenas 10/16/1993
Adonis Cardona 01/16/1994

I remember the time I got busted using fake ID at a bar. That was pretty embarrassing. Thanks very much for your time.


  1. Those are some serious young 'uns.

    Good stuff.

  2. Even if a realistic percentage of those guys become blue chippers that still looks like a pretty great future for our Toronto Blue Jays...