The Faceless / Handless Wonder

Your Toronto Blue Jays dipped into the international free agent market again today signing Francisco Tejada a 17 year old "toolsy" OF from the Dominican. Click here for the info I was able to find on the young man. That's all I got. No pictures, no stats and no videos.

While I was searching, I did come across these:

And my personal favorite:

Love the knee pads sweetheart.


I think it's fair to say that the J-Force is lacking a little bit with respect to in game entertainment. Just saying.


  1. I just read about this signing at battersbox. Good to see Toronto keeping their word regarding international prospects. That massive scouting staff is going to help in the quest for the play offs in the next few years.

  2. I'd love to see them do even more. We signed 3 of the top 20 international prospects last year, and it'd be nice if on a regular basis we were signing 5. Especially when you consider how well the Yankees do signing Latin American prospects, it's really what keeps their farm system so good.

  3. My Favorite part is when you posted the videos of the pretty girls dancings

  4. @Mattt,
    Let's not get a little to ahead of ourselves here. Signing 16 and 17 year old kids probably won't help us get into the playoffs anytime soon. I'm thinking these guys will be part of the 3rd wave of prospects coming down the pipe.

    Money talks with these kids. Nice to see us trying to spend it.

    Mine too my friend.