Gotta At Least Ask the Question

Sooner or later everybody has a baseball related question. Below you will find some fine people I recommend you try bothering first.

Nowhere on this list will you find Damien "Suck My" Cox. Did you hear him try to talk baseball on PTS? Skip ahead to the 18:30 mark. Jesus. Shut the fuck up hockey guy.

Blue Jays Baseball related:

Gregor Chisholm: Beat reporter for your Toronto Blue Jays answers between 5 and 10 questions every week.

You Don't Know Dick Griffin: Toronto Chapter Chairman of the BBWAA obviously gets hammered and then tries to answer a lot of questions every Wednesday.

Buck Martinez: TV play by play broadcaster did a weekly segment last season and normally only answered a few questions. No word whether he's going to do it again for 2011.

Samuel Wilner: Host of Jays Talk sporadically contributes a mailbag comprised from a selection of the very best comments left on his (shit) blog posts.

Prospect Porn related:

Jim Callis: Heart and soul of Baseball America answers 3 questions on a fairly regular basis.

Conor Glassey: Another BA writer is in mailbag start up mode.

Adam Foster: Founder of Project Prospect has a shit load of quality scouting reports / videos on players and he doesn't mind sharing the wealth.

Keith Law: Klaw does his thing every Thursday. Whatever.

Fantasy Baseball related:

Todd Zola: Fantasy juggernaut Lord Zola answers your questions every Monday.

The Staff @ Fantasy Gameday: Creators of the mighty, must have ADP fantasy tool specialize in keeper league specific questions.


  1. before I even read the post, I have to calm down after watching that video! friggin' hilarious!

  2. funny thing is, Bobcat nailed the contract almost bang on with his 5 year 15-18 guess.