Zaunbie Nation Redux

So Ginger and Zaunie have been tag teaming the pre game/in game/post game coverage of the MLB playoffs for Sportsnet. And from where I'm sitting, they are doing a bang up job. There does seem to be some decent chemistry there. 


I fucking HATED Ginger doing play by play on the television. Like a lot.

Greg(g) provides some MUCH needed humor and actual baseball experience to the team.  His finest moment was when he was explaining how "the fat guy" pictured below on the left, grabbed Cruz's glove on this controversial home run.

Ginger, is well, Ginger. I guess I can sorta handle him in small doses.

As part of their bit they have been taking questions on Twitter, providing in game updates and general observations. It's pretty neat.

I decided to jump on this opportunity and see if whether or not they are a tight duo yet.

Here was my question:

@RogersSportsnet question for Zaunie: do you want to give Ginger a wedgie? If not, just think about it. All I ask.

And the response, 11 minutes later: 

If you are referring to Cambell as Ginger, then no wedgie from me 

It was good to see them sticking up for one another. Test passed.

For the record: Yes Greg(g). I was referring to the guy with a head the same color as a 6 alarm blaze, sitting directly beside you.

Hope the cheap bastards at Rogers can find a way to keep these guys together if / when Zaunie's playing days are numbered. He is a 39 year old, 15 year veteran after all.....


  1. JC is getting better. It's not his fault he was used too early. I'm not going to be surprised if he returns as the play by play guy in a few years. I'd rather see him and Zaun than the current bunch. I'm sooooooo tired of hearing their old war stories...

  2. @Mattt,
    I was thinking more along the lines of: Zaun being groomed to go up in the booth as the color guy.

    Any thoughts?

  3. Totally agree. Now get rid of Buck in favour of someone else from this generation. The whole Jays of yesterday has gone way too far. Time to get with the present.

  4. Honestly compared to Ginger, Buck is a fucking God in my eyes.
    But maybe if they upgraded the color guy then the old time Blue Jays rhetoric would be phased out a bit. I haven't really noticed it that much but then again I haven't really been paying attention.