The Kyle Drabek Experience

Big time prospect porn going on over here right now.

I'm totally feeling it.

Kyle Drabek is making his home field debut tonight against the offensively challenged Mariners of Seattle.

But you should already know that.

You owe it to your children, your conscience and most importantly your ballclub, if able, to be in attendance at the SkyDome tonight.

I will be there.

Never a doubt.

And I feel like buying a program and scoring the game.

All by myself.

No beer, no heckling, no interruptions.

Just baseball.

Could be some news on a post party bash with a very special guest after the game.

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  1. Darn it...I wish I wasn't so far away.

    Have a cold one for me.

  2. Nothing but business, tonight boys. Have fun!

  3. @JayBallz,
    I guess the fact you live in New Jersey is valid enough. Besides, you have had the pleasure of watching him live many times all ready.

    So you won't be making the trip down then? That's a shame. Bautista seems to hit well when we are in the house. Maybe I get to see number 50?

    Just an FYI everybody @captainlatte started up #TheKyleDrabekExperience hashtag on Twitter. Look for that all night.

  4. New Jersey isn't that far. A trip to Toronto may be in order...