Name That Photo Contest!

I like: Criminals at Rogers finally jailed for their cell phone rates.

Your turn.....


  1. Lost in the G20 preparations, The Village People are holding open auditions...

  2. So that's the rumoured G20 fence? Huh...

  3. Baseball players hit the ball over the fence. Security works, put the balls under.

  4. @Anon,
    That's funny! I laughed out loud.

    Not much of a rumor anymore. Welcome to hell AKA The City of Toronto

    Thanks for checking in. Always a pleasure.

  5. I live in that Hell/Toronto. That's the funny part. I can see the Rogers Centre from my window but had no idea about this fence deal. Yes, I live under a rock...

  6. Mattt,
    My Mom lives in the Tdot as well. I like the city, just think that y'all should get the fuck outta dodge. The crazys are coming.....

  7. I take no offence to the Toronto/Hell reference. It definitely can feel that way here at times. It's growing faster than anywhere in North America so Toronto is soon to be an even bigger Hell(for some). I'm OK with the constant chaos. Keeps us all moving here. Something that we never seem to stop doing...