Nuts about the Draft

I write this from Peoria, where everyone is apparently pretty excited about a visit from the Chicago Cubs Special Advisor to the General Manager. Greg something or other. Apparently he used to pitch or something.


Mr. Maddux is currently showing everyone in the home dugout what grip he used for his circle change.

Speaking of change... yes, the Lugnuts players here followed the draft very closely.

Part of it is that they know quite a few of the guys who were drafted. LSU products Ryan Schimpf and Sean Ochinko, for instance, were curious where former teammate Anthony Ranaudo would go. Ryan Goins had a vested interest in Noah Sindergaard, a Dallas Baptist University recruit.

And, yes, everyone was curious in learning more about Deck McGuire.

Then there's the very real and distinct possibility that these new draftees, once signed, are going to be their competition on their way up the ladder.

That really is the next key for Toronto. The draft is over. Now sign these guys and let's see what they can do.

Sal Fasano word of wisdom about the draft (paraphrased): You don't need everyone to blossom. Simply produce one quality Major Leaguer each year and you'll be just fine.

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