Random Jays Facts!

All stats are before the start of play today, May 22nd.

25 - 19 overall record.
.568 winning percentage.
2 games back of the wild card.
6 games behind the division leader.
6 - 8 record in 1 run games.
14 - 8 record on the road and 11 - 11 record at home.

We lead the Major Leagues in:

Hitting Stats

At Bats with 1507
Doubles with 110
Home Runs with 72
Total Bases with 705
Slugging Percentage with .468
Extra Base Hits with 188
Ground Outs with 367
Air Outs with 367

Pitching Stats

Innings Pitched with 394.2
Strike Outs with 339
Wild Pitches with 25

Fielding Stats

Put Outs with 1184

We are in the Top 5 in the Majors in:

Hitting Stats

Runs Scored with 224 (tied 4th)
Runs Batted In with 220 (3rd)
Strike Outs with 361 (2nd)
Times Caught Stealing with 5 (4th)
Grounded Into Double Plays with 24 (4th)
Total Plate Appearances with 1674 (3rd)

Pitching Stats

Wins with 25 (tied 4th)
Saves with 15 (tied 2nd)
Save Opportunities with 21 (tied 2nd)
Hit Batters with 18 (3rd)
Ground Outs with 473 (4th)
Percentage of Ground Outs vs Air Outs with 1.70 (5th)

Fielding Stats

Total Chances with 1692 (2nd)
Assists with 486 (2nd)
Errors with 22 (tied 5th)
Double Plays Converted with 47 (5th)
Fielding Percentage with .987 (tied 4th)
Runners Caught Stealing with 14 (tied 4th)

Any thoughts?


  1. We've got a pretty unique +/- if you will. We are good at a
    lot and not good at some things also. I guess you could argue that if these stats stay consistent then the Jays are a .500 team. I think if the hitting stats (the good ones) continue then we will win more than lose on offence. That becomes morsel likely if the pitching can continue to do well (overall). I'm having fun watching regardless...

  2. Moreso, not morsel. Effin little phone keyboards...

  3. Mattt,
    They are fun to watch! They never seem to be out a game, which makes for some interesting late inning baseball.
    I think the hitters are doing more than their part. If only we could get Lind and Hill going.....