Marcum and Neyer

We had a Shaun Marcum sighting in Dayton today. Shaun's grandmother passed away -- condolences to his family -- and it made sense from a locational standpoint for him to get in a side session here with the Lugnuts.
As a habitual Rob Neyer reader, this piece on the Jays caught my eye.
The finishing quote, after Rob gives his reasons why he distrusts the Jays' start: "I wish I had better news.... But I just don't see these Jays as better than a .500 team, and I think they're probably more likely to finish below than above."
I'm not one to try his hand at forecasting the future, whether in politics, weather, or sports. There's too much uncertainty. Unless key injuries pop up, I'm going to keep on riding the optimistic wave -- even though I understand where Rob's coming from and see the potential pitfalls.
It helps, too, that I didn't expect as much from this year as I expect in the years to come, so all of this current success is gravy.
Your thoughts?
(Our game tonight is currently being threatened by a potentially toxic scrap-iron fire. Man oh man.)


  1. I was expecting the Jays to lose a lot more than they win this year so obviously I'm loving this season so far. We'll have to see how they do against the AL East, but if they can somehow manage .500 against those teams I like our chances.

    The rotation looks pretty good so far and there are other starters on the way. If a few of the slumping bats can heat up, I really like our chances.

  2. I like how the Jays have been playing as well, the only thing that worries me is games like yesterday. Memories of BJ Ryan came flowing back to me when we gave up a 2-run lead in the ninth inning to lose it. I still think it's too early to say. We havent played the Yankees yet, and have been doing horrible against Boston.

  3. @April,
    Thanks for stopping by!
    It is tough to not think of BJ whenever a save gets blown but he was very good pre tommy john. I agree that it is early but we have not seen Hill or Lind begin to heat up and some of the role guys are carrying the flag for them. If they come alive and we get some luck, we may be able to pull off a decent season.

    I think that Ricky and Marcum as a one two is not as bad as I thought. If we can get 200 innings from them then we surely won't have any long losing streaks like we did last year. How many other teams get that kind of production from the leaders of the staff?
    We still have Tallet, Litsch, Rzep, Hill and maybe McGowan and Drabek who can help out down the road. One thing I am a little worried about is the innings cap on Cecil and Morrow.

    Thanks for your comments guys!