Let's talk Chad Jenkins

Mike Leak is in the majors. Stephen Strasburg will be there soon.

So what about the 2009 1st round pick for the Jays, Chad Jenkins?

He's in Class A Lansing with an 0-1 record and a 5.63 ERA after three starts. He won't be in the Majors later this year, and he very likely won't be in the Majors in 2011 either.

Take it from me: Don't worry about him.

He's taking his lumps right now. It happens.

In his first start against the Dodgers' Midwest League team, he was fine through four innings and then threw a meatball to a big strong kid named Chris Jacobs in the fifth. Five innings, five runs allowed, three earned. No-decision.

In his second start against the Indians' team, he tossed five scoreless innings and then gave up three runs in the sixth. No-decision.

Yesterday, an 11 a.m. start, he was knocked around by the Padres' team for seven hard hits and four runs in the first three innings before settling down for a scoreless fourth and fifth. That was Chad's first loss of his pro career, sealed tight when reliever Nestor Molina was battered for five runs in the sixth.

His velocity is fine, somewhere around 91-93 on his fastball. His ego may be a little bruised. His trip up the ladder may take a little longer than folks hoped.

And yet I'd say he's right on schedule.

If he's still giving up a consistent four runs over five innings in the months of May and June, then it'll be time to reconsider.

For now: The kid looks just fine.

And his slider looks great.


  1. Thanks for providing us less informed Jays fans with the information on what's going on in the lower levels. Great stuff.

  2. Mattt,
    These guys are the future!
    We are happy to report on "the next wave"