Game 21 Recap: This Just In.....

I was in attendance for this game and I walked away disappointed, not because we lost but more how we did it.  With both bullpens worn down from the 25 run marathon a night earlier, a good start was needed by Shaun Marcum.  And he did just that.  I'm not sure if he had his best stuff, but he was able to keep us in the game until the bullpen got the call.

Enter Scott Downs.  Now I'm not going to shit on Downsie.  He didn't have it.  That is going to happen over 162 games.  But I am going to shit on the manager because he didn't have anybody else warmed up IN CASE Downs didn't have it.  What's the harm in getting another reliever up to start that fateful eight inning?

Now most fans seem to be up in arms about his choice not to pinch hit in the ninth for John Buck.  I will give you that.  But it really should have been a tie game at that point.

Some notes from the game:

The closer you sit, the bigger the mistakes look.....

Ortiz getting pinch hit for was AWESOME.  Some Red Sucks fans in the row ahead of me actually turned around because of my laughter with a disgusted look on their faces.....and I then directed my laughter at them.

Bottom line:

We lose 2 - 1 on tweeting Tuesday.  You would think the cheap bastards at Rogers would have wifi in the Dome considering they are in the fucking communication business.  Nope.


  1. I get the Cito hatred. I really do. But losing 2-1 is the manager's fault? He's leaving. He'll be gone in a few months. I just don't see the need to call him "a bag of shit." No other manager is taking the Jays anywhere with this roster, so what's the point?

  2. Golden arm....email me at
    phoulballz @ verizon dot net.

    Might have something for ya...

  3. Dude,
    A computer could do a better job than this stiff. I know that everyone is getting tired of hearing about how much I hate the manager. But fuck, really? We are 20 games in and realistically we have been in all but two games. What's our record again?
    "They" say a good manager can win you an extra five or six games, so I wonder what a bad manager costs a team?
    But your right, if twitter permitted it, I would have called him a fucking bag of shit.....

  4. The bullpen has handed way too many games back to the other team. Regardless of how they're handled it would be nice to see them win some of these close ones. Must. Win. Tonight.

  5. The bullpen will always be the soft underbelly of any team. Our boyz are trying and are doing a decent job. The last couple of games have been tough. I guess I'm just disappointed because to me a close game is a winable game.